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TRASHPALACE is on hiatus - watch season 3 roundup (15 seconds from each film) above & stay tuned for next season!
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TRASHPALACE is a weekly film club thats been running intermittently since aprox 2014. the format is usually to watch together every week a feature film preceeded by some trailers and occasional shorts. in addition we have had a range of special events including guest curators, double-features, secret screenings, open-airs, alternative-formats and an annual 12hr movie marathon! is a new iteration of the usual format: in addition to our physical screenings, the lastest programme will be watchable online for exactly 7 days after this.

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currently the weekly physical screenings are on hiatus - stay tuned for next season and location
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if i know a film we are showing has extreme content (esp scenes depicting sexual violence) there will be a warning label on this site - however not all are viewed prior - i recommend checking for specific content warnings by making an account and following them on the website
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